Tuesday, March 9

30 before 30 list

So many of the blogs that I currently read have posts about "30 before 30" lists. I've decided that this is something I would like to do - seeing how I just hit the big 2-5, it would be nice to have some things to aspire towards during the next five years.

1. Have a down payment for a home (preferably 10% or more)
2. Get back to my university weight
3. Leave Canada for an official trip (doesn't have to be exotic but somewhere further than day or two's drive)
4. Trade in my Grand Prix for a Jeep YJ or something like it
5. Get a Mac book
6. Learn how to properly apply make-up
7. Successfully obtain my RN degree
8. Become a full-time paramedic or part-time paramedic/full-time nurse
9. Deliver a baby at work
10. Go hiking in a higher elevation zone (Alberta, BC?)
11. Learn how to drive a motorcycle - maybe buy one too?
12. Finish my side tattoo - how many more stars???
13. Learn how to use a sewing machine
14. Finish scrapbooking all of my extra pictures
15. Purchase a high-quality camera
16. Develop my skills at photography
17. Stand up on surf board
18. Brew my own wine
19. Write a song that actually sounds half decent
20. Learn how to play guitar
21. Go fishing in the Atlantic or Pacific ocean on a charter boat
22. Design and build a piece of wooden furniture
23. Take a cross-country trip, preferably by car
24. Learn how to make home-made dim sum
25. Do a photo shoot in downtown Toronto
26. Build up a professional wardrobe - enough of this young adult/kiddie stuff
27. Find a really nice pair of boots that fit perfectly
28. Swim in the Pacific ocean
29. Go somewhere European on vacation
30. Learn how to speak German

I'll have to post whenever I have successfully completed something on the list! Stay tuned!

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Anonymous said...

You are all over the place with your i guess i would call them "goals." Best of luck either way.