Monday, March 8

Day on the town

Yesterday I took a trip up to my favourite Ontario city: Toronto! I love the little communities that make up that whole huge metropolitan zone. The ethnic food, the AMAZING little shops and the gorgeous buildings are just some reasons for my love. My mom lives there just north of an amazing Greek foodie district near the Danforth. We decided we wanted to hit up China town and then Kensington Market. No Sunday morning is complete without a stop off at a Chinese restaurant for some Dim Sum. I love dim sum! Those little delicious morsels of fried or steamed bits of food...just thinking about it makes me hungry!

Before brunch we did a little bit of shopping in some Asian stores near Dundas St. I found an amazing set of blue feathery fans to use for a remake of the "Sisters" routine from White Christmas. I was clearly ripped off because I found better fans in another store a couple down for less money, but oh well. Brunch was great, not as many dumplings as I would usually like but they had shrimp har gao and pork shu mai. Brunch was finished off with some delicious little egg tarts that were simply devine! From there we hit up some more Asian stores; my mom bought a cute little clay teapot (only to realize when she got home it was ruined...too bad).

After about an hour of Asian stores we sauntered over to Kensington market. There are so many cute vintage stores as far as the eye can see. I saw tutu's galore, amazing purses, 60's style dresses (which I am a huge fan of right now). Some examples:

(This dress can be found here)

(This dress can be found here)

(This can be found here)

I took a couple of pictures of random things that I liked along the way or thought were humourous. This teeny tiny top hat made me burst out laughing...then I tried it on a fell in love! It was so cute. I almost bought it but came back to my senses realizing that I had no idea where I would ever wear such a thing.

There was some interesting grafitti on the buildings and interesting logos for stores. Some of my favs:

I ended up making a couple of purchases. I found a knock-off coach purse for $20 and some really cute berets for $9.

That's all for today I guess. I'll try to be a little more artistic the next time I go to Kensington market so I have better photographs to share.


Anonymous said...

Kensington Market sounds like it should be in England or something

Meredith said...

A friend of mine wore a mini top hat at her wedding. It was interesting alright! She worked it out though. Hers was bright red with this netting that came across her face. Yours seems quite a bit more refined. :)

Slice of Pink said...

I SO want to get a beret! I'm into hats lately. =)