Wednesday, February 3

Crazy idea!

So while searching online today I found a blog with the most interesting premise. The entire blog is all about pictures shot from the blogger's mobile phone. Those who know me would tell the world that I LOVE to take pictures - most of the time they aren't that good, in fact, sometimes I go a little too camera happy. I think I am going to try to incorporate my love of picture taking on this blog....don't worry - I am not going to go overboard! I will try to focus on things that are inspiring or unique. Sometimes there will be a post with just a picture and no explanation - depending on how bizarre or interesting the photo is! Stay tuned for more! Here's a couple of pictures from 2009:

Flowers I grew in my garden in the spring

A sunset on the way to work one day

Props to anyone who can guess where this was taken

A pretty summer sky scene


Elle Bee... said...

What a great idea! Your flowers are gorgeous. Love the shot of Niagara Falls too. ;)

Do you live around there, or were you just visiting?

Co Co said...

Thanks so much Elle! The flowers are just simple wildflowers - I'm all for beautiful disorder in the garden and I only ever plant wildflowers. As for Niagara Falls, I was only visiting.