Friday, February 19

She's got Betty Davis eyes

I woke up this morning with this song in my head. Feeling pretty good today. Still trying to love life and smile. To be frank, I'm not really having a hard time either. Quintessentially speaking, everything is as good as it could be right now and will be even better in a few days time when I have my very own living, breathing Pomeranian. As the looming prospect of turning 25 keeps creeping closer and closer, I am left to ponder about these past 25 years of my life. What have I done with myself? Can I honestly say that this is where I always imagined myself being at 25.

1 - living with my parents - not where I hoped I'd be. I kind of wanted to either own a home or be in the process of getting one.

2 - single...again, not what I foresaw but here I am. I had hoped to be married or in the process as well. I made the decision to leave my this is 100% my fault.

3 - employed in a field of my dreams. Definitely what I wanted! I had wanted to start this a little earlier than I did and I would have loved to have full-time, but can't complain. There are so many other people who never get into their desired field immediately from college/university.

4 - financially stable. While I guess I can't complain about my current finances, I do get by. It would better to have a lot more excess, but again the whole working part-time can put a damper on this when I have so many expenditures (i.e. car payments, insurance, loans for school, etc.)

5 - own a car. Check! Pedro my 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix and I are happily in love! In a few years I will switch him for a rocking YJ but he's great for the time being.

6 - best shape of my life. Not quite. I'm fit, but maybe a little too soft in some areas. I'm working on it daily though so it will only be a problem for a wee bit longer.

7 - happy. I am happy. I could always be happier.

8 - healthy. Other than my hypothyroidism and anemia, I am as healthy as a horse and built like one too...haha

So, the areas that need to be improved: my relationship status, my part-time employment status, and my current living situation. All the rest is pretty good. Now...if I could only win the lottery too.....haha

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