Tuesday, February 9

Points to ponder

So throughout the course of the last couple of days, certain "items" have been brought to my attention.

1 - My engagement ring - purchased on borrowed money from my ex's friend - does anyone else find that bothersome? He still owes his friend more than half of the purchase price...who gets in debt before the wedding? Big no-no!

2 - Not once, after I made my decision, was I asked by my ex, to reconsider, to try to work things out, or to stay.

3 - My ex's main priority at this time does not appear to be trying to get me to change my mind but rather, to purchase a large amount of expensive things that he does not need

4 - My ex seems to be rather amused/excited at the idea of bachelorhood. Is this what he had wanted all along? Was he purposely behaving like a grand ol' douche-bag to make me cancel the wedding and leave him?

Having mutual friends has made these factoids apparent to me. I don't know whether to be appalled or thankful that I got out of things with enough advanced notice. Who does that? I mean...SERIOUSLY!!!


sarah said...

Hi! I'm new, and your blog looks like a really good read. Just a slight problem, though, and I hope you don't take offence - but it's SUPER hard to read with the light gray on dark, and the small font. Strain-my-eyes-give-me-headache difficult. OH. and the form you have comments in is just another headache because it doesn't always work. :(

Co Co said...

Thanks for the input Sarah. No offense taken at all. I'm trying to see if I can figure all this stuff out. I'm still really new to the blogging community and really html-illiterate, so pardon all my blog's flaws. I'm trying hard to improve it..haha.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like he was prick before you did this. More and more he is sounding like more of a prick. It also sounds like you made a good decision if all of this stuff is coming out now.

That ring thing - UNBELIEVABLE! Who does that? Any decent man would never go into debt before their wedding with something foolish like that.

As for the mutual friends thing....maybe you should try to distance yourself from them for the next little bit, that way you don't have to hear about your ex from them. There's no reason they won't understand why you made the decision. Stay strong.