Tuesday, February 23

One day until...

Tomorrow is my much dreaded 25th birthday. Not going to lie, I have a lot of anxiety about turning 25. Most say this doesn't or isn't supposed to happen until you're about to turn 30. The only thing I keep thinking about is, "WOW! You are almost officially a quarter of a century old!" I never thought that the whole "I feel old" complex would kick in for me. Every time I have had a birthday, I never really felt different. Now, with me working a "real" job and having been engaged, I am really starting to notice how fast time is passing.

I look in the mirror and for all intents and purposes I still look the same as I did last year at this time. I have a few more bags under my eyes from all the shift work, bigger muscles from working out and the stress my job places on my body, a little less weight than last year, and I'm currently a brunette (something I've tried before but never maintained for such a long time).

Picture of me from last year:

Picture of me from this year:

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