Thursday, February 25

Sleep sleep glorious sleep

Over the past couple of weeks I have had very little sleep. I have been getting called into work non-stop, which is a good thing (who doesn't love to work?). All these night shifts really get to me because I can be a severe insomniac sometimes. Not only that I was very nauseated and vomited all day last Friday. Could the nausea be linked to a sheer lack of sleep? It only lasted Friday, but I felt pooish all weekend. I didn't eat anything shady on Friday so I'm ruling out food poisoning.

Over this past weekend there was one day where I litereally slept almost all day...not healthy! With all the health research about the benefits of sleep, I am wondering what the long-term effects of 12-hour night shifts will be. Here's to good sleeps and if not at least enough time to get something decent...haha


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you've been ill - never a good thing. There are several reasons why sleep is important; google it if you're seriously interested in finding out the severe long-term impacts of inadequate sleep amounts. Being a woman is also a bad thing when it comes to shift work so you may be looking at even more complications in the long run, i.e. increased chance if breast cancer etc. It really is a bad idea to continue down this career path.

Maryann said...

I wouldn't listen to the last person who commented on this post. There definitely are risks to any career decision but for someone to have the nerve to tell you to quit your current choice and start fresh just base on these risks is out of line. You seem to be happy with your choice so keep on the path you're on. Best of luck working out your sleeping schedule. I'm sure that over time things will appear less stressful and hard on you.