Wednesday, February 17

Rebound Pomeranian?

I have always wanted a Pomeranian! I think that they are adorable little fuzz balls and just looking at one makes me happy. Right now I am going through a really rough time emotionally and more than ever I want to go out and buy one. Now, don't get me wrong, I know that this is not a decision one goes into lightly. A puppy is not an easy thing to take on and definitely require a great deal of attention, love, training and activity. With me working 12-hour shifts on call, it would be hard to make sure that my little fuzz ball would get an adequate amount of Coco time. Would this just be a rebound Pomeranian though, or would it be something that I could and would easily love forever? More than anything I would LOVE to say with 100% certainty that I could and would.

Right now I am torn between two puppies. Both are males, I have yet to decide names. One lives 3 hours away if I drive the posted speed limit. He is very wolf-like in his colouring and the runt of the litter. This means he would potentially be a very tiny adult. He can be found on this Kijiji link - the smallest one on the right-hand side. His breeder would like $600 for him but does not specify whether he is vet checked, micro-chipped or dewormed.

The second puppy is a little over an hour away. He is red-sable in colour and VERY fluzzy (combo of fluff and fuzz). He can be found on this Kijiji link. His breeder wants $700 for him but specifies that he will come vet checked, dewormed and microchipped. I am kind of leaning towards the closer one because it sounds like he is more set up for health, but, the idea of having the weeniest little puppy is a huge draw factor for me.

Some names I was thinking on the top of my head:
- Mr. Moogles, aka the Moogler
- Higgins
- Half Pint
- Squirt
- Gucci
- Louis Vuitton, Louis for short
- Pip Squeak, Pip or Squeak for short
- Truffles
- Amaretto
- Kiku
- Kiwi
- Pickles
- Picolo

I think that seeing how I am turning the big "25" in FIVE days, that I deserve an amazing present and seeing how I am the the only person willing to get me anything, I am going to get myself this gift. Anyone have any opinions about which puppy I should get, or what name I should lean towards?


Anonymous said...

I once had a cat named Pickles, he came with that name but I always thought it was the CUTEST name ever!

Anonymous said...

Go for the winky one! You only live once!

Romantico said...

call him Co Co Mio, or maybe Romantico :D

Co Co said...

@ Romantico:

I love Co Co Mio...that's such a cute name!! I may end up purchasing a dog that is a little older than a puppy and he/she may already come with a name. I'm going to check out the dogs tonight at 5pm! Very excited!